This is me

My name is Leona Knott and for the last 10 years I have been working as a dance, sport and fitness instructor.  This is not only my profession but my passion in life.  I am living proof as to how sport and physical activity can positively influence a person’s life.  I have seen first hand how it can focus an individual and help them make positive lifestyle changes. 

I am a bubbly enthusiastic person who enjoys working with people of a variety of age and supporting them to become fitter and more physically active.  I enjoy working in communities, bringing together like-minded people who either want to maintain their fitness, become fitter or just fancy getting out of the house. I run fun and interactive session using a variety of methods to ensure participants not only enjoy themselves but do a good workout.

I have gained much experience through a family run dance group called ER Dance. We have been involved in many events such as the Leicester Caribbean Carnival for the past 20 years and with 8 dancing sisters and a brother this has been a huge part of my upbringing. You might say that dancing is in the blood!

Having never had the opportunity to study as a young person, similarly to a lot of the young people and adults I now find myself working with, I am now making up for it!  Since sport and physical activity became not only my passion but my job I have been fortunate enough to gain lots of qualifications which as got to where I am today!

Leona Knott